Meditation Adventures For Kids - The Entire Collection Elena Paige

Meditation Adventures for Kids - The Entire Collection

by Elena Paige

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Lolli loves empowering kids to make great choices! She inspires kids to be creative, imaginative and more resilient, all while having fun!

MEDITATION ADVENTURES FOR KIDS BOX SET includes seven books - the entire collection
•Lolli and the Lollipop

•Lolli and the Thank You Tree

•Lolli and the Talking Books

•Lolli and the Meditating Snail

•Lolli and the Bunyip

•Lolli and the Magical Kitchen

•Lolli and the Superfood Quest

That’s 19 meditation adventures in total! The whole collection!

These guided visualizations introduce kids to the Land of Color and other fun worlds. Lolli speaks directly to children, encouraging them to imagine the adventures and feel part of the stories.

You can read the following meditations to your child when you tuck them in at night, while they close their eyes and relax, or you can read them together like stories. Either way, your child will laugh and begin to feel calmer and happier. Lolli will be your child’s new best friend at bedtime.




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